My Erratic Batik quilt…

My quilt has been published in British Patchwork & Quilting magazine in the Feb 2018 issue and the pattern will be in the shops next Friday 19/01/18. The pic below is a preview from the magazine.ERRATIC BATIK in FEBRUARY 2018 British P&Q mag

This stitch and flip quilt is so quick and easy to put together and with no matching of corners it’s a hassle-free breeze to a unique quilt. Changing the blocks around creates a new design each time.  I loved making this and though I don’t usually repeat my quilts I think I’ll make an exception with this one, but with different coloured fabrics of course…

The pieced backing uses up lots of the left over strips from the front so it’s a great scrap-buster too and means that the quilt is double-sided so it’s a 2 in 1 scrap buster quilt!!! See the quilt Back in the magazine on Friday!

Heading photo of Erratic Batik

MT-Crafty Lady X


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HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

I hope and wish that 2018 brings you all that you wish for yourselves, good Health being at the top of the list for so many…

Great news! With lots of projects in waiting, I am delighted that my Erratic Batik quilt project


will be featured in the Feb issue of British Patchwork & Quilting UK magazine and will be in the shops on 19th January 2018.

It’s such an easy pattern as there’s no matching seams or points which a lot of quilters will enjoy for its simplicity, yet the result can be stunning and unique!

So what have I got planned for 2018? – The top of the 3rd and final panel of my daughter’s ‘Romanesque’ quilt is nearing completion so I have high hopes for that being completed in the coming months.

 I’ll be working on another project alongside the ‘Roman’, and also working on my next Pattern to add to my Hounds-tooth Pattern which is on my Sales Page on here…and slowly but surely I’ll be adapting and adding Patterns to my SALES Page.

My other great news is that my youngest granddaughter E has found her sewing passion at 9 years old. While her brother and sister enjoyed sewing when they were younger which resulted in them having their Cushions in the British P & Q UK magazine some years ago, they veered off the path, so fingers crossed E will continue developing her passion.

I’m also in 2 new online groups which I’m enjoying – a Postcard Swap group run by a friend who was the first to introduce me to this enjoyable and addictive skill by sending me a RAK (Random Act of Kindness), and one I have been doing for 9 years or more.

Stay well, Stay warm and dry, and keep sewing to spread the joy….

MT-Crafty Lady X


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Noah’s Ark charity

This link will take you to  Noahs Ark page where kind people help rescue cruelly-treated animals from abuse, starvation and neglect. The charity is run in France but has UK supporters who do their best to raise the vets and food monies to give these animals a safe and happy home. They make and sell crafts, cakes to name but a few activities to raise the much-needed money for these animals. I’ve donated 5 copies of my first cushion pattern to be used to help,  every bit helps so if you can think of a way to help, however small, please do. Like and Share their page on Facebook….

Thank you

MT-Crafty Lady X

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My mystery project now in British Patchwork & Quilting magazine

The magazine is now in the shops so I can reveal my project….Yay!

MT~Crafty Lady X


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My new Hounds-tooth Cushion Cover Digital Pattern is now for Sale on my SHOP Page

Click over to my SHOP page to see my first Digital Pattern for Sale.

Edged A5 Front Cushion Sheet

Pattern for Sale £6.00. Will email PDF file upon receipt of Paypal payment.

Included in the email Attachment will be one PDF file containing the Instructions with Photo-guidance and one Pattern sheet.

Don’t forget to send me photos of your finished cushions.



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4 days to go before…

Just 4 days to go before my mystery project will be in British Patchwork & Quilting magazine… exciting for me!

I’m also working on converting my projects into PDF Patterns for Sale here on my website but it’s still a Work in Progress at the moment … such a lot to consider in the setting up stage but I’m getting there.

Hope all are well or doing much better. Stay warm and stay safe.

MT-Crafty Lady X


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the magazine is coming…

Here’s another little teaser of my project which will be in the British Patchwork and Quilting magazine on 17th November. 

Not long to wait so only a little clue…

Coming soon...What can it be

Hahaha… I did say it was a ‘little’ clue.

Hope you are all coping with the change in weather, stay warm and dry and snuggle under a patchwork quilt even if it’s one you’re still working on. It’s never too early to enjoy it!

MT-Crafty Lady X

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