My friend of several years, Jan McElroy has nominated me to carry forward the ‘Around the World’ Blog Post.

Due to difficulty in handling my own large bed-quilting, Jan has been Free Motion Quilting mine and other customer’s creations for several years now…. and I have renamed Jan – The Quilt Whisperer as I know she listens to what I want, then interprets this magic to my quilts. Jan can be found here –

It’s worth taking a look at her work and I suggest you Bookmark her Blog as you never know when you may need her Free-Motion Quilting  (FMQ) service. Jan also has the biggest collection of Fabric Postcards that she has made on her Blog, and I am lucky to own some of these.

My first contact with Jan was through the Popular Patchwork (PP) online group forum and I was delighted when she sent me a surprise RAK (Random Act of Kindness) in the form of a felt booklet with 2 beautiful Fabric Postcards inside. Having made patchwork quilts for over 35 years, I was limited in my knowledge of other quilted gems so this gift opened my eyes and imagination to quilting opportunities.

RAK Postcards from Jan McE 003            RAK Postcards from Jan McE 012

These are my lovely FabricPostcards (RAK) from Jan (2008)

A little bit about me… I worked in Post-16 education supporting students with Sensory Impairments to achieve their qualifications.  I loved teaching Basic Skills related to my job and after ‘retiring’ from work I have enjoyed all manner of projects and ‘Swaps’ with my PP online group. My true love has always been learning and teaching and 3 years ago I created my own design for One-Off Fabric Satchels where I made Satchels in customer’s fabric choice. I never repeated a fabric so each Satchel was as ‘unique’ as its owner. Many asked me for the pattern so it gave me the opportunity of writing my first Craft Tutorial ebook How to Make Your Own Fabric Satchel’, which I launched on Amazon in June of this year.

                       FINAL Ecover Ready for KDP      Blog Post photo 01

A couple of weeks ago I followed this with my second ebook 2 – How to Make a Fun Appliqué Wallhanging; and I am now working on eBook 3 with a view to launch in the New Year.

Cover for PP January issue

Alongside this, I am working on a project for a magazine and other group Swaps. I feel very lucky to be able to work from home doing both my projects and writing though I think I may be a tad obsessed with my work as I ‘see’ patterns everywhere and think of quilting when I go to bed, …then I work on them when I wake up. Having worked full-time for 13 years with little time to do any craftwork, I am now in the lucky position of having my own Business – ‘Marian Turner – Crafty Lady’, which I run from home.

My new Blog is at – ,while I have another Blog at –

Some people I follow… , I love keeping up with Jan McElroy’s Blog at – as mentioned earlier but I also like to drop into other Blog’s like – 

This Blog has regular Tutorials taught by two teachers and I love to see what they are up to. Worth a look if you want some ideas and instructions too…

Another Blog I like is Elisabeth’s Weblog –   Elisabeth has lots of lovely work going on and projects too so definitely worth a look.

Besides Blogs I have a friend Tessa Wallace who has an Etsy Shop called Salixholme and can be found at  – where she sells gorgeous bags and her Hand-painted cards among other things. Please have a look as Christmas in fast approaching and you may just find that ‘special’ present there.  Tessa’s Blog is worth a ‘drop-in’ at –

My last mention is about a friend Nicky P Gardiner who has recently launched his first ebook – one of a planned series of Thriller genre books. The book, ‘The Showman and The Shade’ is doing well on Amazon and can be bought in Paperback as well as an ebook download.  Though not a crafter, Nick deserves credit for producing his novel – ‘The Showman and The Shade’ which is a great book. He is in the process of writing his first sequel to this book and is definitely worth a view and I am not so patiently awaiting the next in the series.

My Nomination

I am nominating my friend Tessa Wallace to carry forward the ‘Around the World Blog Post’ next Monday 1st December 2014. I met Tessa numerous years ago through the Popular Patchwork online group Forum and love her bubbly personality and kindness of heart. She has been a Seamstress for many years in Cumbria, UK and loves Quilting and Bag-making – she has some very trendy  and cute ‘Owl’ bags and Handbags in her Etsy shop. (type – then search for Salixholme)

To contact Tess regarding Seamstress work, you can email her at –

Tessa loves painting and is an Artist who has created wall paintings and Hand-painted, all-purpose Greeting Cards. It’s worth taking a visit to her online Etsy Shop – ‘Salixholme’ to see what she’s up to…

I hope you enjoy surfing the Blogs, websites etc that I’ve mentioned and now I pass the ‘baton’ to Tessa to share her work….on Monday 1st December 2014.

Marian Turner – Crafty Lady X



About MT-Crafty Lady

I love teaching craft skills and enjoy the opportunity to combine this with writing. Since 2008 I've been a member of a great online community of quilters and crafters. Over the past couple of years I've contributed to a popular quilting magazine and loved seeing my projects in print, and this keeps me busy. Opportunities to quilt each day is a quilter's dream and I feel very lucky to be able to do this....Happy lady.
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  1. Fabulous post Marian, you have got so much in it, well done indeed mate. I have let Elisabeth know you have mentioned her she will be thrilled I am sure. Got to visit all the links now, cheers for keeping me busy. Looking forward to the next new Ebook too.


  2. Forgot to say I am blushing like mad too…..


  3. SewCalGal says:

    Nice to meet you Marian. Jan shared some sweet insights about you and I wanted to pop over. You have a delightful blog. And your One Off Satchel is gorgeous.



  4. Thank you for your responses Jan and SewCalGal.
    I am a follower of many years of Jan ‘The Quilt Whisperer’ and have now become a follower of SewCalGal too….looking forward to the journey….. XX


  5. Elisabeth says:

    Hello Marian, thanks for linking of my blog. I feel honored. Will check out all your work now. Happy Quilting! Warm greetings from Vienna, Austria!


  6. You are most welcome Elisabeth. I like to drop in now and then to see what you are doing.


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