One of my latest quilts…

I started this quilt in 2009 but due to work commitments it inevitably became a UFO. It has sat in a pile for many years until I was able to complete it not so long ago and I’m glad I did as I love it. I love monochrome but I added a ‘dash’ to this quilt with a turquoise flange binding. Three randomly placed hearts finish it off nicely.

Completed Mono with a Dash 01

Completed Mono with a Dash 02

Flanged Binding

MT-Crafty Lady X

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A present for my favourite Sis…

My sister has recently celebrated a special birthday so I made her a special surprise gift and she loves it! This is my take on a Rennie Macintosh in her favourite colours.

completed Rennie


MT-Crafty Lady X

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Row-by-row update!

I finally finished my group Row-by-row quilt and I love it so much. I added the names of the contributors who swapped the rows to showcase their fabulous work. This has to be one of my favourite quilts ever and is definitely a keeper…

Finished UFO Row by row 02

MT-Crafty Lady X

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My Peek-a-Boo Farm – (part 1/April) is in the latest issue of Popular Patchwork magazine. (Part 2 next month.

Pic for FB 02

Pics 04 for FB

MT-Crafty Lady X


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Watch this space…update

I’ve been working on my Row-by-row quilt for a few days and its fair to say while it’s coming along, it’s taking a toll on my arm and hand muscles so it’s a slow process but hey…it’s getting done in baby steps and I love the quilt! Looking forward to getting more done tomorrow, and the next day and the next……..etc….

Hope all are well but virtual hugs coming to those who need them.

Stay warm

MT-Crafty Lady X

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Well into January 2017…

I’ve been busy catching up on little sewing jobs and have now joined a great group of UFO Zappers. A Swap group I was in some time ago meant that one of my UFO’s was a batch of 6 row-by-rows which I never completed as a quilt. The problem was that I hadn’t got around to making my own row to add to the rest….but after Jan McE recently started a UFO ZAPPING 2017 group on FB, I have resurrected the quilt, finished my own row, sashed and ‘bordered’ the quilt top and put it on my frame ready for pinning. It’s now an official ‘Watch this space’ situation which I’m really happy about though I’ll have to see if I can organise myself to alternate between quilting on new work and UFO work to lessen the pile which is still about 5 or 6 high…..I think baby steps is the way to go…

Here’s the progress on my Row-by-row so far –


MT-Crafty Lady X


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MT-Crafty Lady X

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